This don’t look half bad! 

What’d ya call it….salmon? Huh. 

 Heghhaahughahhoo HELLO! <3

..So they don’t drive little flying race cars?

Hoohoo~! Please, go on!


This blog features a pre movie Turbo, before Roadblasters was put into the arcade. So any questions involving Vanellope or King Cybug I probably won’t answer, but I welcome all other kinds! C:

NO, I don’t HAVE a “tummy”! I am fit, I exercise every day! Look at these.

These are abs.

Did you give up on this blog? Or people aren't asking very much questions? But if its personal you don't have to tell.

OOC: Oh no, I just haven’t been doing it much, but I have like a THOUSAND questions a lot of which are full of potential for a good drawing, and i’ve been really hoping to get back in the swing of running this blog very soon if people are still interested in it!

hey! ive just discovered this blog and i noticed the earlier style and the more recent style are really different! i cant see the dates on the posts, but you either inproves, or did you get a new artist? just curious! love this blog!!!

OOC: Aw, thank you so much! No, it’s the same old artist, I just have lots of trouble sticking to one style when I draw Turbo, and I tend to update once a few weeks or longer, so by then the style might be a little different. c: And thank you again! <3

This splinter doesn’t have a T on it..


Okay, first off, it is NOT a hat, it’s a HELMET. There is a very distinct difference between a hat and a helmet. For instance… Throw any lousy hat underneath my beautiful fanny, and it’ll deflate like the cake you made in Cooking Mama last Saturday.

Whereas a HELMET, LIKE MINE, ‘ll withstand the weight of the biggest butt in Game Central Station, and the harshest wipe out on the racetrack. Hats were made for style, but helmets were made for endurance. Come and talk to me when ya got yer facts straight.